About Twin TS


Twin TS (pronounced Twin Tees) is a small t-shirt company located in Houston, Texas that evolved out of my experience with unemployment and all of the challenges that I faced with being unable to find a job comparable to the one I lost. Despite having several years of experience, a terminal degree, and a kick-butt work ethic, in a nine month period I applied for over 65 jobs and went on over ten job interviews only to receive the infamous email “your credentials are impressive; however, we selected another candidate.”

During my 9-month unemployment, I was blessed to be able to receive a minuscule unemployment check every two weeks, and I was able to work three part-time jobs to make ends meet. Naturally, I was under a lot of stress and questioned my worth and the journey that I was on, but the experience strengthened my faith and drew me closer to God. On my journey, I received confirmation that I needed to use my test to share my testimony to help others in similar situations.

My experience is not unique. Every college graduate, at some point, has struggled to find a job. Many are working in positions that are not comparable to the time, resources and energy they have spent on their degrees. I created Officialtwintees to represent my expressive and quick-witted personality. The t-shirts include “matter of fact” expressions that every college graduate that can relate to; experiences range from being either unemployed, underemployed, or simply being employed in the wrong job. If you are in your dream job and never had to struggle kudos, a round of applause, and a long standing ovation to you! My hope is to encourage, inspire, and motivate other college graduates to not lose faith or give up on snagging that job that suits them. I assure you that after many No’s, in your season and when the time is right you will eventually get a Yes!

Tonya Shirae,

Twin TS Owner