The Bold College Graduate

I've secretly been working on Twin TS for a while. I will admit I did not know it took so much to be a small business owner. I only wanted to share my story, make some bad-ass thought provoking t-shirts and make a difference in the lives of people I know can relate to the college struggle. I didn't know I had to learn about finding a niche market, paying taxes, buying wholesale, marketing and advertising and all of the other ugly behind the scene stuff that is required to start up a legitimate business.

I officially "opened" my store for business last week. I will admit that my nerves, which I don't have much of, were on 10 with excitement and anticipation for the response, support, or lack thereof that I would receive when I was bold enough share with the world what so many college graduates grumble and complain about in private. So, now my business is open and I'm official like a referee's whistle.  
I realize that telling people that you have a college degree but are not able to find a job or that you can't move up in your career can be quite humiliating. Trust me I wore that shameful t-shirt and had the hat to match for a while. Based on the likes, shares, and comments on my advertised pictures I realize many people can relate to the college and career struggle. I think that to rock one of my "Over-educated/Underemployed" t-shirts you have, to be bold enough to let other people know what you've experienced and might be going through in your career with the expectation that you will be able to garner enough interest that will land you a job. Some vain part of me wished that a customer would wear one of my t-shirts to work and record the reaction you get. I just want every college graduate to be as bold as I am to stop talking about this problem in secrecy and be bold enough to rock one of my t-shirts to bring attention to a common problem. 

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