Thankfully tired

Thankfully tired

I have thought about what I wanted to blog about on this site for quite some time, so much so that I failed to type one single pixel until now. I am pretty sure I was overthinking this blog thing. Now that I think about it, this is kind of like my public diary that I am able to share with the entire world. Cool! I will try my best watch my language but I cannot make any promises because sometimes cuss words just slip out. I have this fear of not knowing what to say and I ALWAYS have something to say. Then there is just me being too lazy to want to think about grammar and all of the nuances of writing that I deal with every day, so I ask blogs far in advance please don't judge.

My store isn't officially open yet but when I do take that leap and finally open this will be one of the first blogs that you see, so welcome! This is random but the featured image for this blog is nothing more than a picture that I really like. Her hair and eyes are everything!

I have been off of work for so long that my body is still adjusting. I am thankfully tired right now but I am not complaining one bit because this is exactly what I prayed for. I am fighting to stay up until my bedtime. I am too ashamed to share what time that is so I will just say that I almost never see the 10 o'clock news.

I think it would be nice to have a period between unemployment to re-employment where you get to practice getting up each morning, going through some work exercises at your new job and then leaving practice work to fight traffic, cook dinner, and settle in for the night while earning all of your coins of course. I think one pay period would suffice; who knows, maybe Officialtwinees will do as well as I expect it to and I can quit one of my other three jobs and give new employees this opportunity?

Until then, I'm just thankful to be this tired.

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