Do you want a job or not?

Do you want a job or not?

I am in the process of hiring staff for this project I have been charged with running. Considering that I am newly re-employed, I am so excited about this opportunity to be able to give someone like me who may be unemployed, underemployed or in the wrong job a job. As I review applications to determine which candidates seem to have the qualifications I'm looking for to help me build a strong team and share some of the responsibilities I have, I see applicants that lack experience, applicants that have invested in their education but have not been able to use that education to get a better job, applicants that are looking to relocate to Houston, and applicants looking to get a foot in the door.

I will admit a feeling of anxiety set in as I reviewed applications because I saw so many applicants who are currently out of a job and I can only imagine what they must be going through looking for a job. I know the feeling of hope they had when they clicked submit to apply for the job. I want to make the right choice. I don't want to hire the wrong person. Yet, I hate that I will have to select one candidate over another. 

As I called candidates to ask if they were still interested in the position they applied for some sounded very excited and thankful that they were selected for an interview. Some said they were no longer interested, which I was surprised about considering the positions were only open for two weeks. One asked if I would hold her interview on the weekend because she couldn't take off of work (insert annoyed side eye here). One emailed me to tell me she accepted another position so she was not able to attend the interview after accepting an interview date two days prior and I actually had a few candidates that didn't show up to the interview at all. 

I tried to process all of this flakey behavior to understand why there are people applying for positions and getting through a very competitive process to be selected for an interview and not even showing up for the interview. I can't help but wonder if my application was looked over in some of the 55 jobs I never received a call about because of flakey candidates like the ones I dealt with this week. I was and still am livid about the idea of there being someone like me who is truly a hard worker, gives 150% in any job, but lacks the experience that an employer thinks I should have to be overlooked for some flakey Jane and Joe who take the time to fill out a job application but then pass on the opportunity to get in front of someone who has the ability to give them a job.

Maybe someone reading this can provide some insight to this to help me understand this behavior. I doubt if it will work but please do try. When I was collecting unemployment and working several jobs to keep the lights on if someone called me for an interview I was so anxious to get to that interview I would call into work, come in late and do what I needed to do to get in front of that person who had the ability to give me a job. By any means necessary I'm there and I'm giving 110% because these bills need to be paid. 

If you're that candidate that feels like your application is getting passed over for some flake who only submits applications for sport, have faith and don't give up. I assure you that your season is coming and you will be blessed to get in front of someone like me who understands the struggle and that all you need is an opportunity.


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